Carpet Gold Package

Carpet Cleaning - Gold Package

Our best and most complete package for your carpet cleaning needs, to preserve your carpet, and have a healthier living environment.

9 Step Cleaning Package

  1. Move couch, loveseat, and chairs in main living area.
  2. Pre-Spotting for difficult spots
  3. Heavy-duty pre-spray to remove oily soils
  4. Hot water extraction method to clean and sanitize carpets
  5. Residue free rinse to prevent rapid re-soiling
  6. General spot removal
  7. General deodorizer/freshener
  8. StainGuard protectant to help prevent re-soiling
  9. Final grooming

1/2 Price at 6-Month cleaning option. Free Referral Rewards Membership.

($200.00 minimum)

All work is 100% guaranteed. It is the most thorough cleaning ever or it’s FREE!!


  • Free Newsletter subscription
  • Free Bottle of Spotter (lifetime refills)
  • Free Carpet Booties
  • Free “Blue Folder”
  • Consumer Awareness Guide
  • After Care Cleaning Guide
  • Testimonial /Referral Form

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