Marble Floor Polishing

Marble Country Club Floors Polished

Minor scratches and a dull, dirty-looking appearance prompted the country club property manager to give us a call. See how beautiful this marble floor

Concrete After

Concrete Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Professional epoxy coatings for concrete are the ideal solution for garage floors, because it is durable and resilient, stain resistant, and covers minor imperfections

Clean Grout Lines

Tile & Grout Floor Cleaned & Color Sealed

We clean tile and grout floors, showers, walls, and other surfaces, flushing out dirt and contaminants from deep within the porous surface of the grout lines

Repaired Granite Countertop

Chipped Granite Countertop Repaired

Chipped, etched, scratched, or otherwise damaged granite can be repaired, restored and refinished to look as good or better than the day of installation

Marble Floor Restored

Dull Marble Floor Honed and Polished

Dull looking, scratched, cracked, chipped or damaged marble or other natural stone can be honed and polished, revealing the beautiful, undamaged appearance underneath

Carpet Cleaning Bakersfield

Filthy Carpet Cleaned and Sanitized

Professional deep cleaning dramatically improves the appearance of heavily soiled carpets, removes dirt and grime, sanitizes, and even helps remove impressions from furniture